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MBA (Master of Business Administration)

Open Business School

MBA Certificate
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Following the mandatory courses Foundations of Senior Management and Strategy my electives were Financial Strategy, Marketing in a Complex World, and Creativity, Innovation and Change.

I successfully completed this distance-taught part-time Masters course in two years, between November 2000 and October 2002, instead of the more usual three years, by studying the electives in pairs.

Details of each elective are presented below.


MBA transcript
This course is accredited by AMBA (The Association of MBAs), AACSB (The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business) & EQUIS (The European Foundation for Management Development launched the EQUIS award in 1997 as an international standard for the auditing and accreditation of institutes across national boundaries.) The school and course have also achieved high marks from HEFCE for quality of content and teaching.

Although most work is home study there are also evening seminars and on-line support, day schools and a three or five-day residential school for each course, each of which requires a number of tutor-marked assignments to be successfully completed and conclude with a three-hour written examination without access to books or materials.

B800: Foundations of Senior Management

B800 course certificate
In the first year I took the fast-track course 'B800: Foundations in Senior Management' which is primarily designed for experienced managers with a good first degree and is an alternative to taking two years studying the Certificate and Diploma courses over two years to reach the equivalent standard.

This 60pt course covers the four main areas of business management: People, Finance, Organisations and Marketing

[ Further course details ]

B820: Strategy

B820 course certificate
"This 30pt course is concerned with what determines whether an organisation survives, prospers or dies. Survival and prosperity depend on the solutions to such questions as which products or services to offer; whether to pursue single or multiple lines of business; which markets or clients to aim for; whether to limit activities to local markets or pursue success internationally; how to acquire appropriate technologies, knowledge, finance and human resources; in what combination to apply resources to operations; which skills and capabilities to develop; and how external parties such as competitors, collaborators and government will respond to the solutions found."

[ Further course details ]

B822: Creativity, Innovation and Change

B822 course certificate
"This course aims to develop and promote imaginative, flexible and practical thought and action; to enable understanding of how perception and style affect thought and action and give a grasp of the principles underlying creative thinking and problem-solving alongside learning to understand organisational restructuring and renewal strategies and to use various processes and systems to develop ideas and manage innovation to develop a more creative climate in an organization. This interdisciplinary course helps managers to develop perceptions, employ creative skills, sustain a creative climate at work, manage innovation and develop partnerships across organizational boundaries. It offers techniques and processes designed to help develop opportunities and manage innovation and change."

[ Further course details ]

B825: Marketing in a Complex World

B825 course certificate
"This course addresses issues of complexity in marketing - on the premise that there are no simple answers in today's increasingly complex world. This issue is expanded in a broad discussion of complexity theory and its application to marketing strategy. The course discusses external change drivers and includes units on economics and scenario planning. The course addresses advanced marketing concepts and techniques, with a particular emphasis on relationship marketing and brand strategy and management, putting forward concepts and analytical techniques that will help managers to make marketing decisions against a background of complexity and uncertainty. It also includes electives on specialist marketing topics and a substantial section on international marketing - one of the major sources of complexity."

[ Further course details ]

B821: Financial Strategy

B821 course certificate
"This course explores the accounting and finance issues that face organizations at board level and will enable you to feel at ease working with finance and accounting experts. By the end of the course you will have a grasp of the fundamentals of corporate financial theory and know how to tackle the main financial problems you are likely to come across. You will also be able to understand and analyse company accounts in different situations.
The course has ten principal modules: financial analysis, understanding accounts, financial appraisal, finance and investment, finance tools, project appraisal, company appraisal, risk management and instruments, strategic implications, internal and external finance."

[ Further course details ]

Certificate in Natural Sciences

Open University

Cert.Nat.Sci certificate
Certificate in Natural Sciences
plus selected courses studied towards a possible BA degree, including:

  M101: Mathematics
  S101 Science: A Foundation Course
  TAD292: Art and Environment
  T241: Systems Behaviour
  T243: Systems Organisation: the Management of Complexity
  U221: The Changing Experience of Women
  DS262: Introduction to Psychology
  D209: State and Society

Imperial College of Science & Technology

BSc (eng) Computing Science course

Honours course in Computing Science.

Apsley Grammar / Longdean Comprehensive School

A-levels certificate
3 GCE 'A' levels in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry plus 9 GCE 'O' levels, 2 CSEs and RSM Grade 5 music theory & piano

Computer Manufacturer & Other Courses

In addition to a number of extra-mural and design courses at Morley College, London and Kingsway College, Camden I have also attended many technical and marketing-related courses from Burroughs, Sperry, Olivetti et al.

I have also created and led many courses for these and other companies such as CTEC and Greythorn.
Alison Wheeler | Résumé