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B800: Foundations of Senior Management

Course Profile

B800 course certificate
(Bk1) On Being a Manager: The Functions of Management / The Experience of Management / The Complexities of Management / The Diversity of Management / The Competences of Management / The Learning of Management
(Bk2) What's Special About People: Taking Human Resources Seriously / Motivation / Job Design and Psychological Health / Conflict and Disagreement
(Bk5) Core Functions in Managing People: Human Resource Management - Duties and Discharge / Organisational Entry / Managing Performance / Managing Rewards / Developing Human Resources / Managing Exit
(Bk6) Managing People - A Wider View: Relationships in Management / Communication / Leadership / Groups and Teams / Change

(Bk3) Accounting for Resources: First Ideas / Cash Flow / The Balance Sheet / Accounting for Activities / Costing our Activities / Contribution Costing / Financial Aspects of Decisions
(Bk4) Management and Budgetary Accounting: Understanding Budgetary Systems / Making the Most of Budgets / Budgetary Control and Variance Analysis / Measuring Performance / The 'Analysis' part of 'Ratio Analysis'
(Bk7) Managerial Finance: Financial Reporting Requirements / International Comparisons / The Management of Cash / An Overview of Investment Appraisal / Discounted Cash Flow Techniques / Developments in Management Accounting
(Bk8) Informations from Data and Models: Financial Spreadsheets / Introductory Statistics / Interpreting Statistics / Designing Operations / Planning and Controlling Operations / Project Management

(Bk9) The Marketing Perspective: The Marketing Perspective / Markets and Regulation / The Public Interest / Buyer Behaviour
(Bk10) Marketing Analysis: Analysing the Market / Meeting the Needs of the Market I & II
(Bk13) Marketing Management: Marketing and the Marketing Department / Products and Brands / Distribution or Channel Management / Promotion / International Marketing / Marketing Planning
(Bk14) The Marketing Environment: The Competitive Environment / Researching the Environment / Competitor Analysis / Competitive Strategy / The Competitive Marketing Plan

(Bk11) Culture - The Way We Do Things Around Here: Introducing Organisational Analysis / Recognising Organisational Culture / Sources and Levels of Culture in Organisations
(Bk12) Structure - Beyond the Organisation Chart: Introducing Organisational Structures / Mechanistic Structures / Organic Structures and Alliances / Contingency Theory and Organisational Structure
(Bk15) Organisational Decisions and Information Management: Perspectives on Decision-making / Harnessing Information in Decision-taking / Organisations as Information Processors / Technology from Information to Knowledge
(Bk16) Managing Change and Changing Management: Introduction to Major Organisational Change / Major Change - The Systems Way / Organisational Development and the Cultural Approach to Change / Strategies for Radical Change / Drawing It Together

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